The origin concept of this WordPress was a Tumblr blog. Unfortunately the medium is not conducive towards text entries, so this WordPress was created

Tumblr Summary: This is a blog meant lift the societal silence from depression and suicide. The silence must be broken. These things must be understood, otherwise the chasm’s deep which separates those who experience depression/suicidal thoughts from those who don’t will grow. Nothing can be understood unless we are willing to speak up for and about it. So, let us speak.

Additionally: There is, not only a societal silence on these two topics but also what seems to be a lack of A) research funding, B) academic knowledge about the abstract psychological framework driving these things and C) the neurological underpinnings of both suicide and depression. This blog is meant to be an unofficial archeological dig to find out what is truly known about these topics. We are going past the “Lack of serotonin causes depression” narrative which pharmaceutical companies hail as the cause of depression.

Of course, this in no way knocks those which SSRIs have helped. However, the truth about the mechanisms of suicide and depression is probably much more complex than this.

This blog is meant to explore these glossed-over nuances and uncover knowledge about depression and suicide not widely known or spoken about.

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